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What you're her for:
You are going to learn to embody Sovereign Creativity here. 

Release your habit of procrastination, and perfectionism, people pleasing.

Finally see your capabilities and dedication
come to life in your most creative time of your life, yet.

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For the woman who desires to see her creative self come to life

I am here to teach you to lead your own creative endeavors and find your power to complete projects. Find dedication from the purest place - your heart. No more guilting, shaming, or hating yourself to try and trick yourself into "just doing the damn thing already".


I will teach you to take control of your passion to create. To take action when it is right and get work work done than you thought possible.


Honor your art and to let your creative heart fly. 

Love always,




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When I first started working with Breeanna I honestly felt very lost and alone with so much anxiety. Now that I've worked with Breeanna I feel more confident and at peace with my chaotic life...

 Madeline W.

Image by Kira auf der Heide
Image by Content Pixie
Image by Content Pixie
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Image by lilartsy


Intuitive Coach&

Creative Empowerment

I spent my life longing and dreaming of being an artist. 

I would go through spurts of creating and then feel unworthy of being an artist or that my art was a waste of my time.


I grew up in the era and mentality of "if your an artist, you will always be poor." So instead of following my heart, I pursued other avenues that never fulfilled me. Eventually I would be pulled to art again. Repeating the cycle. I could never commit long enough because I would always think "what's the point", "I"m not good enough", "I don't have time for this". 

So years went by, I dabbled here and there with my art as a hobby on the very far back burner. I decided to pursue a coaching career. 

Years of education, certifications, and coaching women, I realized I was always pushing myself to become a coach and be successful and wealthy, so I could finally be an artist in my spare time. 

So I finally decided to combine my powers.

My education with my heart...



Free Meditation

Access the power of the present moment and be subscribed to my bi-weekly

YAY! Let's Vibe

love letter

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