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Call on your Spirit Support

When your struggling and want relief


Just because where you are doesn't look "right" doesn't mean it's not exactly where you're supposed to be to get to where you desire to go, and to receive exactly what you've been asking for.

Sometimes the journey is messy, sometimes it can be painful.

But that doesn't mean what you want isn't on the other side.

It means you get to learn and grow through it.

You have to expand outside of who you are now to receive the next level of your life. Often this is very uncomfortable, possible painful, and probably messy. Who you are now has gotten you this far. Yet, it's as far as she can get you. You must become your next version to receive the next version of your life.

You must become your next version

to receive the next version of your life.

Like a snake shedding her skin to become anew. It is natural and normal. It is HEALTHY to move into your next level. Growth is necessary to have a fulfilled, whole life. But that doesn't mean it's pain free. Because through the contrast that pain brings comes the bright light of goodness and the reasons to be alive.

I know it's hard to remember the value of life when you're going through a hard time. Really I do. Sometimes when you're there all you want to do it have a melt down, let your inner voice tear you apart, and curl into a ball. Because it's all too overwhelming.

For me the pain is showing up heavy right now. Working full time and running my coaching business, making time for my hobbies that are constantly calling to me, trying to eat healthy, attempting to working out consistently, take care of my family, trying to shave my legs and wash my hair often enough to not look like a dirty hippie (no hate, just not my vibe), and trying to keep my mindset healthy. Then, while trying to make it all balance, the surprises drop, like: our landlord telling us that they're selling the condo we're living in and we have to find a new place to live, as the holidays are coming up. I am trying to hold my shit together with no rest and no play because I got over scheduled.

Dude. This is life. And it fucking sucks sometimes. I know. This is my reality right now. Just doing too much. And I'm a projector... I'm supposed to rest and play often! (See human design for reference).

So how do I get through this? Well, yesterday, it was 30 minutes of breath work, then vegging out watching The Craft with a big bowl of popcorn. Today...well I had a quiet melt down at work. Tried to breathe through it and it made me cry more. My inner voice kept trying to take me down and telling me thoughts like "I can't do this all. I should give up on my business. I should just give up... etc." While trying to eat my lunch. So, I took myself to the bathroom and told myself that I can melt down later. I told my inner voice to take a hike. Then, I called on Great Spirit (what I call God) and my angels. (I don't like to use the word pray... It has too much meaning wrapped up in Christianity and triggers me... so call it what you like.)

I called on them and asked them to please help me. To please help me because I can't do this without help and support.

After five-ish minutes, I calmed down.

I remembered that I am supported. If not by the people in my life, though I am, I always have my angels and Great Spirit. As much as there is a part of me that doesn't want to believe in that stuff. Yes, there is a part of me that has a very hard time believing in angels and a Holy Spirit that sees and support me. As hard as that is for me to even be vulnerable enough to write it here.

But I am because it ALWAYS helps. When I ask for help from my Spirit Support I always feel supported.

When I ask for help from my Spirit Support I always feel supported.

Every. Single. Time.

So, I have had to build a habit to remember they're there. They can only help if I ask. And I must remember to ask.

I want you to know this isn't special to me. This is for you too.

When you're struggling. And there is literally nothing you feel capable of doing to fix it or you can barely hold yourself together. Remember you don't have to. You can ask for your angels and your highest power for support. You don't even need to believe in them to do it. But once you do it and you see the relief swoop in you'll have no choice but to believe.

It took me 5 years to get used to doing this. To be able to recall it as an option. To rely on it. And sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through.

To my point, these hard times are part of life, for everyone. Stress doesn't discriminate.

It's not that life has to be hard all the time. It's just that through hard times we become who we need to become to receive what's on the other side, to receive our desires, because through the struggle and tumult we build resilience and inner strength.

It's how we handle the challenges that matter. We will come out the other side stronger and when we ask for help, softer. Remembering it's not all on you to figure it out is the most important part. When you are supported by your angles and your Highest power a weight is lifted. You don't have to do it all on your own anymore.

Surrender your pain and fears to your Spirit Support -- and feel the release of tension leave your body. Step back into yourself and breathe.


If you need support. Just call on your Spirit Support team. As cheesy as it is. As much a you don't want to. As much as you resist it. Just do it. Just try it once.

And if I can support you in any way, just reach out and ask. I am here for you too.

Message me on Pinterest She the Intuitive or email me at

Let's make your world a better place.

Love and light to you,



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