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Powerful Words

I release all limiting beliefs,

I release all limitations,

I am connected to my highest Self.

Every thought about the future or the past is a limitation. If you are not being fully present, fully in the now.  You are limiting yourself.

I originally read this affirmation over 10 years ago. I didn't understand the magic of it until maybe a couple years ago.

I had held on to it after finding it in one of the first spiritual/personal development books I found in the beginning of my journey.

I've repeated to myself often without knowing its power. But I know now my soul knew.

Because it is this affirmation that has taught me over and over again to live presently and get out of my own way by letting go of all I believe is in my way or limiting me. It reminds me that every thought I have is a story and doesn't have to be true unless I choose to believe it.

Unless it's happening in the ever present now it is not truth and can be changed. That is the power of these three sentences. I recommend holding on to them for when you need them most; when your mind is running wild and your anxiety is building.

Remember: it is only a limitation from your true self - the now.

Love and light,



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