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Reclaim your Power

with the Power of the Present Moment

Tapping into the present moment isn't only about taking a walk-in nature or a bubble bath.

Your mind can still be in control of you in those moments.

That is what the power of the present moment is really about. Being in the moment where you get the power over your mind.

It’s about coming into your body and letting your mind take a seat in the back or simply removing its ability to influence you. No longer allowing your mind to disconnect you from the moment or allowing your mind to take you elsewhere.

Being fully present to the moment - the magic of it - happens when your mind stills, softens, and quiets. In the now, that is when you have control over your mind, and you take your power back.

Tapping into the present moment is you stepping back into your body, calling your energy back to you - it is claiming yourself.

The present moment is where life is.

Where life lives and is alive.

It is where the truth is.

Your power is in the present moment. When you have control over your choice. Where you can choose to be fully open to your life and the realness of being fully alive.

Where freedom is. Where you claim your freedom.

The present moment is the reason your soul is here. To be. Just be.

The purity of the present moment is what you, and your soul, is always seeking.

What comes to us more easily however is disconnecting from ourselves.

Disconnecting from our senses. Because we're scared. Disconnecting from our aliveness because we don't want to lose our life, because we don't want to hurt or suffer. Because we don't want to feel. And ironically this disconnection is why we are suffering.

We are protecting ourselves, we our holding back from being in a vulnerable state. But we're protecting ourselves from the reason we are here. To feel, to be open and vulnerable.

The reason our soul chose to be here is to feel -- to feel it all.

To smell, to hear, to be human. The fullness of being human. To see the beauty that is surrounding us constantly. To see the light and the shadows. To see the colors. This can only be in the present moment.

To see the breeze move the branches of the trees. To smell the change of the seasons.

To hear the music flow through the speakers into your body, to hear the voice of your favorite music artist bring you to tears, to feel the bass move through your muscles and nerves. To feel the magic it is to move your body in dance. These can only be fully experienced, not in the construct of the mind but pure reality, pure experience, in the Now.

You can only experience autumn’s cool air on your skin while the last warm rays of the sun kiss you before the over casted clouds filled with rain begin to empty and winter hits with its cold breath – in that one moment you open yourself to the power if it, the power of the present.

You and your soul are here to understand the sacredness of every single moment-- every single breath.

To hold the contrasts of life in your hands and feel it all. Because that is what it means to be alive.

To hold the contrasts of life in our hands and feel it all. Because that is what it means to be alive.

Tapping into the present moment, in any moment, and aligning back to your connection to yourself and your power is the goal of the soul.

The present moment is the only thing that is real and that is true.

Your power and alignment are always, only in the present moment.

Understanding how to tap into the present moment, and remembering to do it again, and again is the magic potion. It is the daily moment by moment, top-tier priority, and goal that I live by and I highly recommend you do as well.

The present moment is where everything you want is — now.

What I mean by that is while you might desire and want physical things at the bottom of it all what you actually want is the feeling you believe the thing will give you. What you really want when you say you want money or a relationship or a friendship or a material object is not only that physical three-dimensional aspect of it but instead you want the feeling you believe that thing will give you.

Something you might not yet be aware of is that there is always something deeper underneath what you say you want. You might think you want a relationship but what you actually might want is to be loved and whole. You might think you want a million dollars to buy your dream home but you’re actually looking to feel safe and secure. Maybe you say you want to lose 20lbs to look look beach ready when it ‘s really that you want to feel good about yourself, and you could say you want to get away on a vacation to get a break from life and relax when what you really desire is to feel at peace with your life and yourself.

But in the end what you really want is… love, wholeness, safety, security, self-acceptance, and peace.

And, gorgeous soul, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to wait. All of that is available to you. Right. Now. Those feelings can be felt now. Here in this very moment.

You just get to learn how to access it and take the power of the present moment and wield it to your desire.

My How to be connected to the Present moment eBook was created to do that – teach you how to access the power of present moment. So you can take this one precious life and fully live.

There's no reason to be scared in the present moment.

Right here right now, you are safe. You are alive and breathing – don’t let your mind or your ego take that peace away from you. Don't let it pull you into the past with a story or into the future that is not real and has no truth to it. Don't let your fear take control of your choice and power to be here right now. Always. To choose here.

Now, take this one single moment to inhale. Be where your feet are. And from this moment on, take on the lifelong adventure of choosing to live in the present moment.

Find my mini ebook I created for teaching you How to be connected to the Present Moment

Love and light to you,



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