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rec·la·ma·tion /ˌrekləˈmāSH(ə)n/


the process of claiming something back or of reasserting a right.

You are deserving of the reclamation of yourself, of your power, of your wholeness.

You no longer have to give it away to feel safe.

No. You are here, reading this, to reclaim your Divine given right to your Personal Power.

You must choose to reclaim it.

For yourself, for your goals, for your life. To get your life back into your own hands.

For your sovereign freedom.

YOU are the powerful one.

You are the one who decides for yourself.

You who leads her life with deep self-trust, holding Divine's hand as you step into every moment with your strength and wisdom. You who leads her life and knows her power. You who shows up in her life for herself as her authentic self, always.

YOU who knows how to wield your power.

You are deserving of loving yourself enough to reclaim yourself NOW.

Let go of your habit to self-abandon. Let go of the people pleasing, of the fear of judgement and criticism. Let go of your need to punish yourself to keep you safe from other's punishment.

Honor yourself. See your sanctity.

Only you can decide for yourself, how you treat yourself and how you'll let others treat you.

It is you who wields the power. It is your strength and your steps that will get you to where you are begging to be. But only you can tell yourself to get up and to move. Only you can stand up for yourself and say no.

Now Pick up your Fucking Sword and Fight.

Only Love and Light, forever and always,



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