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The Deeper Story

Ending my cycles of giving up my power and choosing my sovereignty

By the time I hit my mid twenties I had built-up so many experiences of self- abandonment, that my mind had led me into a constant state of fear. I found myself often contemplating, "What if my life becomes my worst fears?" 

All these fears, and deeper ones I wasn't even fully conscious of yet, turned me against myself. I made myself smaller and more contorted than I ever had been. After enduring day after day of molding myself to fit everyone around me, continual self-abandonment, and cyclical disconnection from myself and my body - all to make everyone else comfortable and pleased - I was done. I gave up on myself.

I had convinced myself that if I followed my own lead, it would take me into the life I most feared. I had been consistently making disrespectful choices against my own integrity, over and over again.  Not even remembering how to honor my body, goals, or authentic desires. Leading to the biggest disrespect to myself possible - I gave my power away. Unconsciously, wholly disconnected from myself, I chose a different path I thought would end my cycles. I handed over my power to a slightly culty church and a man deeply devoted to said church. The man who I ended up marrying after barely a year of dating. 

My family thought I had gone partially insane... which looking back, honestly I may have. Yet, for me, it felt like the safest choice at the time...a you had to be there kind of thing. And there was literally nothing anyone who could tell me to have me see that this path was not for me. I had to find it on my own.

At the time of joining the church and meeting this man. I had fully disconnected from myself. Having repeated my ever-dooming cycle of not listening to my integrity driven intuition, and instead following others and ignoring my truth. I ignored my truth so thoroughly that I couldn't even hear my intuition at this time.

I was yearning so deeply for love, safety, and acceptance. I wanted someone else to lead me into the life I thought would be safe. I didn't believe it was possible for me to do it on my own.

I finally became conscious, over the next few years, of this disconnect, lost self and confused state. I finally saw the error I had made by giving up on myself and letting some one, a whole slew of someones, lead my life.

I will say that my life was not bad. I found a sort of safety in this new place. At first, I wasn't over run with drinking, partying, boys, or how I was going to afford my rent every month. Some would probably be grateful for it if it was theirs - it was safe, small, and mediocre. But the pain from the smallness, the mediocrity, and the contorting myself for others was the last thing my soul desired. I started to drink myself drunk almost every night for a few months to numb the truth i was trying to ignore. To act as if this path i choose was still right for me. Ironically in this space that I gave away my power that I started to build it back up again. I started to hear my soul again.

My beautifully wild soul wanted SO MUCH MORE.

Once I started opening myself up to my souls desires again, slowly and quietly, I started to find my connection to myself and my inner voice again. I started to give myself space to ask myself what I truly wanted. And yet, I wasn't honoring myself or my inner voice -- still hiding my true self from those around me - AGAIN. Lying to myself, and everyone around me at first. Still choosing to mold myself into somebody I wasn't to please the people I believed loved me and accepted me. and to stay safe, small and mediocre because those fears were still around buzzing in the back of my mind after almost three years of inner torment and continually questioning myself - learning to trust myself again, I finally became fed up with my incessant people pleasing and lies.

So after only three and a half years of marriage and four and a half years in the church -

I choose my wild soul's path.

I finally took my life and personal power into my own hands and I put myself first.

I left the church. I asked for a divorce, and got it. I moved back in with my mom (for a year). Then into the nicest apartment I had ever had. I took my business and education seriously, and got the coaching certification I had been dreaming about, along with a breath-work certification and a  reiki certification. Then I even found an amazing, beautiful-hearted man, to build the relationship I had longed for my entire life. He also played a hand in helping me step into the stronger version of who I am today. (Thank you, my love.)

And that is why you find me here today. Ready to guide women to create their own wild path:

After walking myself home over and over,

After being trampled like a doormat my whole life,

After low self-trust, indecision, procrastination, losing myself, and giving away my power...

Here I am on the other side. 

I'm stronger than ever.

I'm open-hearted and excited, allowing my intuition to guide me one moment at a time.

I'm leading my life with trust in myself, with authenticity, and with an inner strength I’ve never known.

Here I am, Me. 

And here I am, your coach and guide. I'm here to teach YOU, beautiful, wild soul, to lead your own life and to take your power back.

I want you to let go of the heaviness of what others think, the desire to people please, and the habit of procrastination on your one and only life.

This is why I guide my clients to unleash their personal power, allowing it to overflow into their lives. My one-on-one coaching encourages bold and intuitive action to clear up confusion and release mental and energetic blocks. Unleashing the wild soul with in - claiming personal power and taking present moment inspired action that  allows them to achieve their goals with peace and grounded energy. 

My hope for you is that no matter what path you take

- you choose your beautiful, wild soul's calling

& never to look back.

Love, only and always,



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