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Daily Declaration of Sovereignty

Every moment I am able:

I will no longer hurt myself.

I will no longer punish myself to prepare for other’s abuse.

I will no longer think less of myself because of anyone’s opinion, including my own.

I will no longer allow others to abuse me, or their rebukes to affect me,

I will no longer allow the judgement of others to dictate the way I see myself, or turn their judgement into how I think about myself or treat myself.

I will no longer allow the poison of other’s thoughts and feelings, or my assumption of their thoughts and feelings, hold me down or keep me from my authentic expression.

I will give myself permission to be exactly who I am and to let myself be expressed openly.

I will choose to let go of, or stand up to, anyone who tries to hold me back or shames me into thinking who I am is not right nor okay.

I will no longer shame myself for my past, especially the times when I was unconscious of my power, or was just seeking to be loved.

I will notice the poisonous voices inside me, that attack and hurt me, and remember those voices are not me,

I will remember I can choose to not listen,

and can demand that they leave.

I will choose instead the antidote of a kind, grace giving internal dialogue.

I will choose to remember my safe space is in the present moment

and I am always, always, able to come back home to it.

I will forgive myself for self-abandonment and for the pain I have put myself through.

I will choose to cleanse myself and my being, and begin again, daily.

I will release the pain of my past, and let go of the fear of tomorrow,

or even the fear of the next moments.

I will hold myself in the ever now, to be free and whole.

&When I am unable to do any of this on my own,

I will call on the highest power, Sacred Oneness,

to help me and hold me.

I love you,


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