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Live Women's Group Coaching 
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Prioritize You!

  • Priority

    Clairty, purpose, plan - what you want, why you want it, and how to get it. Build a plan with Bree!
    Valid for one month
    • Mini Coaching & Planning Program
    • 3 one-on-one Zoom call Coaching sessions
    • Weekly Voxer access

Group Coaching Course Coming soon!
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77 days - you and me! 

Achieve your top priority goal and stay motivated while you do it. 


Together we decipher what your top priority goal is and create your solid plan - a bite size, step by step map. Together we schedule it out into your day to day life with a calendar/planner right in from of us. So nothing will be missed or forgotten. 

We do all this planning together and making sure we write it all down

so all you have to do is show up for yourself!

 (And buy a pretty planner if you want :)) 

Here is a link to my 2023-2024 planner I personally use on my iPad.  

This is not an affiliate link, I just found it on Etsy and wanted to share :)


We'll get deep into what motivates you and how to stay on track. On top of that, as we go along with building this plan together and implementing it into your life we'll become aware of and begin to heal patterns of your self-sabotaging cycles. These might show up along the way as you take steps forward - and that's where a big part of the coaching can come into play. The fun stuff! 


What do you say? Are you in? 

Plan Outline: 


Part 1 - 1st session 90 minutes - Priority digging - what's your number one and how to clear out all the other stuff to make room for it? We'll gain clarity around what your main goal is, to focus the map. While making room for your other goals as best as we can, depending on your main goal. As well as, we'll be digging into your Why. What's your reason, your motivation? This sessions is about finding it. We'll go deep together to truly motivate you and get you off on the right foot. 


Part 2 - In between 1st and 2nd session you and I will individually be experimenting with the best plan for attack of laying out the goal to be achievable in the time frame you desire. (This is the homework from sessions 1). We'll be communicating through Voxer to stay in the work together. 


Part 3 

2nd session 75-90 minutes for planning 

  • Plot it out for the month/3 months following 

  • Realistically. Look at your usual schedule and make the plan work for you with the normalcy of daily life. You decide how intensely you plan. Easy spread it out (more time), medium, or hard (shortest time period). 


Part 4 - Voxer support in between final session

  • Here we'll move through any self-sabotage that comes up for you. 

  • Here I will be by your side cheering you on and holding you accountable. 

  • All to build up to when you go off on your own. 


Part 5 - 75 minute 3rd session for closing and heading out on your own feeling strong 

  • We review all we've built up to and work through anything that came up.

  • Address any hiccups that may occur as you head out in your own. 

  • And celebrate your success for how far you've come already! 


You leave with the knowledge and ability to do this again and again with all your goals. Because I give you the inside scoop of how I do it all and walk you along with me. Feel free to apply my technique over and over again. 


*Disclaimer: at this time I only work 1:1 with women, if you are a man who signs up you will be refunded your payment. If you would like to participate with my work in this capacity stay tuned I will be releasing a self-led priority course asap! 


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